Special Bonus

Extra Benefits for You

Each class will feature a new recipe chosen to complement the class topic.  You will be fed….body and soul!

  • Prenatal nutrition ideas
  • Labor snacks
  • Postpartum munchies to aid in mood regulation and milk production

I LOVE cooking for my family and have tested lots of recipes that I look forward to sharing with you.  I feel that nutrition is so vital to the development of our pregnant bodies AND our baby’s body and brain.  I also believe that we need ENERGY to have a healthy and successful birth.  Even if you are not allowed to eat in your chosen birthing location, you can choose sustaining foods to eat before leaving home.   After baby comes, you will most likely be very hungry.  The choices you make can have an effect on how you feel and on the quality and quantity of milk that you produce for your baby.  Get off to a healthy and energetic start with your new baby by choosing nourishing foods.

After the class is completed and you need help with:

  • Specific questions not covered in class
  • Advice for birth intentions
  • An ear to voice any concerns, doubts, or fears

We all have questions we wish we had remembered to ask.   We all have “freak out” moments when we doubt our choices, our spouses, our bodies, etc.  I want to be there to help in all of those moments and I am happy to be just a phone call or a mouse click away.

The birthing journey does not end when the baby is born.

  • You can call or write anytime
  • After group classes, I will organize mom and baby reunions
  • I will provide one postpartum visit to your home free of charge if needed

Once you return “home”, your body is still being flooded with new hormones (and fluids) while it is recovering from an extremely exhausting and physically demanding feat.  Sometimes, it can seem like your body is unrecognizable.  It will be doing so many things it has never done before.  It’s fascinating, amazing, and sometimes intimidating.  You will have a new family member to incorporate into your lives, and you may think that you don’t know all there is to know about how to care for that new little person.  Your emotions might be all over the map and feel uncontrollable.  All of these things are normal and you can feel better if you ask for help and talk to someone.


Here’s a fun recipe I highly recommend!