What is Birthing from Within®?

Birthing from Within childbirth preparation is a method for preparing mothers and partners for childbirth and parenthood created by Pam England and Virginia Bobro.  The birthing classes are based on the information gathered in the book titled Birthing From Within by Pam England and Rob Horowitz. 

It is not a method designed specifically for any one type of birth.  While it is generally understood and agreed that a birth that is allowed to progress naturally guided by the mother’s body and instincts is ideal, it is also acknowledged that birth does not always happen that way.  Instructors who are trained in The Birthing From Within method strive to validate all birthing choices and paths and help mothers to find the beauty and contentment in birth regardless of the situation in which they may find themselves.

Mothers are encouraged to discover much about themselves in the preparation for childbirth and to aspire to experience their own childbirth journey as a rite of passage.

Too often, parents experience confusion, grief, and a sense of loss when their journey does not unfold as planned.  These classes are designed to prepare parents for these possibilities, giving them coping strategies through self-discovery and concrete skills, while also working to minimize difficult circumstances by supporting and encouraging their positive expectations and providing them with effective techniques and strategies in labor.

To learn more, visit the Birthing From Within website at www.birthingfromwithin.com