About Me



Ali Weatherford

Birthing Instructor/Mentor/Mother

I love learning about birth, talking about birth, and even giving birth (sort of, mostly).   I have a degree in Psychology, very useful for everything I believe.  I’ve worked in the areas of pharmaceutical research, plant care, animal training and behavior, event planning in the yoga industry, and most recently, motherhood.  I have 2 wonderful kids who amaze me, love me, inspire me, test me, teach me, on a daily basis.  I also have a few feathered and furry children who should not be left out.

  Becoming a parent has been the most radically transforming experience of my life.

I experienced childbirth as a rite of passage, and I learned very quickly that not all women do.  I am fascinated by birth stories and the fact that they can be so dramatically different, even among seemingly like-minded people.  I feel a need to help women find beauty and power in their births and to view the experience as a rite of passage, because it is the passage to parenthood.  I believe that all women can achieve this positive emotional experience regardless of the circumstances of their birth.

I just started teaching Birthing From Within classes for expectant parents, but I feel that since the birth of my first child, I have been on this path informally.  Through friends, prenatal and postnatal yoga, and the birthing classes I took during my first pregnancy, I found a community of newly born mothers and decided to create a space in my home for us to meet and exchange stories.  We met weekly for four years.  We had second and even third babies.  We shared what we learned.  We provided each other with support and encouragement and fun.  Our children became friends.

I want my classes to reflect this experience and create communities.  I want women to learn that birth is not what is shown on television.  It is not all about pain and suffering, something to just endure and get through.  It is a process with a purpose.  We become stronger.  We become wiser.  We become mothers.

This class is taught in my South Austin home,  just behind my house in our office/studio space.

I hope to make my classes feel like a warm and compassionate place to have a break from daily life.  I want it to be a place to share and learn and make friends.  Welcome!


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