Joyful Beginnings classes are taught by me, Ali Weatherford, in my South Austin home. I am a Birthing From Within™ trained mentor.

The classes are for expectant mothers and their partners, if available.  They will usually be entering their third trimester of pregnancy.

Classes are 2.5 hours in length.

Most classes will have 2-4 couples with a maximum capacity of 8 people.

Classes are taught in a 5-week series instead of 6. Because of the space restrictions, class size is limited to 4 couples or 8 people, making the time we have together more productive.

Also available are expedited weekend classes.  If you are nearing your due date and don’t have time for a 5-week class, consider a weekend intensive.  It’s a Friday evening class followed by a half-day Saturday morning.

***New in 2017*** 2.5 hour workshop intensives covering special topics.

To register, please visit the contact page and fill out the form or get in touch by email/phone.

Upcoming Birthing Class Series – $300 per couple


  • 1May Series~May 1, 8, 15, 22 and 29.

                                                               DUE  IN MID-AUGUST OR SEPTEMBER?

  • 2June Series~June 19, 26 and July 3, 10 and 17


Upcoming Special Topic Classes – $50 per couple

                               FRIDAY JUNE 23

  • 1 CONQUERING FEAR AND COPING WITH PAIN~We will cover several Birthing From Within pain coping techniques in a lot of depth, and investigate fear and how it effects our birth experiences and our experiences of pain.


Upcoming Expedited Weekend Birthing Classes – $200 per couple

                               FRIDAY JUNE 2 AND SATURDAY JUNE 3

  • * 2 MEETINGS~We will cover a large amount of material in a shorter time with fewer students.  Friday 6-9 pm and Saturday 9am-1 pm.

Private sessions available by request.




What can I expect from a Birthing From Within class?

A lot!  I try to cover topics that are important for you and the rest of the class.  At our first meeting, I will try to figure out what you most want to know, and I will prepare for our time together with that in mind.  Birthing From Within classes purposely flow in an organic style.  The content delivery is less important than our depth of discussion.  It’s less about what you know, and more about how you feel when you leave.

My goal is to to make this class fun, and for you to feel inspired and empowered.  You will learn a lot and possibly discover much about yourself.  I want to hear from you, and I want you to find fun, joy, and wonder in the amazing changes you are experiencing.  My hope for all future parents is that they enter their journey into parenthood not with a clear and definite plan, but with a heart and mind that are clear and open to the experiences as they come.  Your birth story, whatever that ends up looking like, belongs to you and your children.

Some topics that will be covered in the six week birthing class include:

∗Pain coping practices

Eating in awareness, prenatal and postpartum nutrition

∗The stages of labor and physiology and hormones of birth

∗Birthplace and decision making

∗Psychological and emotional preparation


∗Cesarean birth

∗Family dynamics

∗Pushing and birthing

∗Welcoming baby and decision-making for baby

Postpartum adjustment